SkyBlew & SublimeCloud feat. Donovan – Star Dance Serenade [Video]

SkyBlew and SublimeCloud bring you a visual for the Donovan-guested “Star Dance Serenade”.

⭐💃🏽🕺🏾 As “The Destined” continues on their journey, “The Mysterious Girl” miraculously appears again, out of thin air… As if she were a mystic, celestial being… Her blissful aura illuminated the bleak darkness, that had once suffocated the world. She inquires about SkyBlew & SublimeCloud’s Love of space & stars, as she’s always wanted to visit. “The Destined” tells her, they can take her right now if she wants to go. She smiles and gives a simple nod… ⭐🌟✨🌠💃🏽🕺🏾🌃🌌

Taken from their “Destined: The Realization” album, which is available here. Watch the clip below.

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