Tanya Morgan – Be Right Back [EP]

The duo of Donwill and Von Pea aka Tanya Morgan returns with a new EP titled “Be Right Back”.

I know we just got here but it’s just a short visit. 15 minutes to be exact. Gotta run back out and grab the rest of these jams. The one’s that we’re leaving you with were made on a whim over the course of 4-5 days. The forced stillness of quarantine isn’t exactly the best environment to create in but the need to write out thoughts and express emotions is more constructive than obsessing over things that can’t be controlled. Getting back to normal feels like a tall order these days but hopefully by the time we return things will have leveled off a bit. In the meantime these songs are a reminder that we are all stuck in the house for a bit and wether you spend that time watching tv or writing a script the important thing is that you return to the world whole and happy.

Take a listen below and visit Bandcamp for a download.

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