RZA – Thriller Soundtrack [Album Stream]

RZA executive produces, scores and stars in a new Netflix movie called ‘Thriller’.

“Dallas Jackson (Thriller director and co-writer) is actually a buddy of mine,” says the Wu-Tang Clan member. “I met him some years ago, at [Quentin] Tarantino’s house. We became friends. We actually worked on a project together, a rewrite of Ghost Dog, and we became good friends. He had this project he was developing and he said he needed a producer to come onboard and help out. He had a horror [killer who was] a guy in a hoodie. It sounded cool to me. It was like, Oh sh—, that’s the new Jason, he’s wearing a f—ing hood! So, I came on to help out, and as we started going through the process, [he] found more jobs for me to do!”

There’s also a soundtrack available for the ‘Thriller’ movie, which features the score along with new music from the likes of Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna, Young Dirty Bastard, Hue Hef and more.

Press play below and watch the trailer for ‘Thriller’ under that.

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