DJ Muggs & Mach-Hommy – 900K [Audio]

DJ Muggs is getting ready to release another joint project.

And this time he is joining forces with Mach-Hommy on “Tuez-Les Tous” (or, “Kill Them All”, in english) , which is set to arrive on March 29th.

“His flow is ridiculous. To me, he’s like a jazz musician, like Miles Davis. The way he raps, he’ll go totally off-beat then come back on-beat,” Muggs told Complex about Mach-Hommy’s abilities. “His references—you’ve never heard his references. His rhyme patterns—you’ve never heard them. He flips from English, to Creole, to Spanish, and he evokes that hard, gutter, street shit without having to be like ‘Yo, I’m slanging dope, I got the homie that’s the shooter, I’m from the hood.’ It’s mad unorthodox.”

Stream the project’s first single “900K” below.

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