Logic Talks “YSIV”, “Ordinary Day”, Mac Miller Influence, Hair Loss, Kobe Bryant, TMZ & More [Video]

Part 7 of Logic’s interview with Hard Knock TV’s Nick Huff Barili.

This is day 2 of our interview which takes places a couple days after Logic’s “YSIV” has been released. Logic shares how going to a Hollywood party where he felt surrounded by fake people inspired him to write Ordinary Day and why he got Hailee Steinfeld to sing the hook. As the conversation continues Logic talks about meeting Kobe Bryant when he was on Ellen and how they bonded over their love for Harry Potter. Moving along, Logic opens up about his hair loss and why he chose to shave it all of instead of getting hair implants, which he was close to doing. Before going through with it, he realized that he was doing it for the wrong reasons to follow societies perception of what a young man should look like. As the conversation moved to breaking down the title track “YSIV” Logic states that if it wasn’t for Mac Miller and his mixtape K.I.D.S there might not have been a Young Sinatra series. RIP Mac we miss you! Logic also break down the second verse of “YSIV” where he is rapping from the perspective of Money.

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