The Proz – The Duct Tape [Audio]

Highly anticipated, and well worth the wait. It appears that a secret compartment has opened up. Sprouting out a branch from the diabolical “D.M.P.”(Durte Muzik Prahdukshun) is a two man duo (Big Shot & Top Gee) called The Proz. Produced by the one and only Nottz, who is infamous for dropping the hottest beats on numerous albums such as, Busta Rhymes (“Everybody Rise”), Notorious B.I.G. (“Dangerous M.C.’s”), Kanye West (“Barry Bonds”) and list goes on. The Proz are what we would consider a delicacy to one who enjoys music with lyrical content. They punch hard with words, some might say it’s unfair to have that much talent condensed into a time limit. Presently, The Proz are in the works of releasing their new project, “The Duct Tape”, leading off with the first single which is self titled “The Duct Tape”. These two guys have really did their homework on this one. At a horror tone they set the mood for slaying M.C.’s. To be a freshmen swing they are definitely presenting theirselves as senior team captains having some exclusive features on board already.

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