Illa J – Maureen [Audio]

Illa J is back with a new song from his third solo album, “Home”, due out on June 30th. “Maureen” is a dedication to J’s mother Maureen Yancey.

Says Illa J:

“This song is special because I feel blessed to have the parents that I had and their support for me my entire life for anything I wanted to achieve. My mom always has and still encourages me and supports me towards fulfilling my dreams whatever dreams those might be. I know its been really hard on her, especially after losing James and then my dad. And through all that, she still had the strength to keep moving forward strong. And I just really wanted my mom to know how much I appreciated her support, and how much i admire her strength and courage.

As we grow older, we don’t always go in line with what our parents would want us to do. Especially coming from a family where your entire family is in the public eye and involved in the industry. Whatever happens, if we dont agree on same things when it comes to music and vision, at the end of the day she is my mom and always will be. So when Calvin played me the beat, all that came out and it connected with something deep within me, that I never got the chance to express. I love you mom!!”

Listen below.

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