Devine Carama – Performance Enhancing (Panda Freestyle) [Audio x Download]


“The release of ‘The Glorious BIG’ has been delayed a couple weeks after a weekend of last second collabs with Deacon of CunninLynguist & Young Chu. So to pass a little time, I decided to spit a few bars over the beat EVERYONE is talking about. Check out my latest track entitled ‘Performance Enhancing’ which features new rhymes of the popular instrumental ‘Panda’. I’ve also included the freestyle has a bonus cut on my recently release “500 Bars to Glorious” mixtape.

My daughter’s (both teenagers) like it when daddy I ‘raps like today’s rappers’…… lol So I figured I’d go over a beat that the kids are turning up to these days, but give them a little substance while I’m at it. A little medicine in the ice cream, so to speak. Just having some fun!”

– Devine Carama

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