Hopsin Disses Trap Music, Addresses Haters, Talks About Being Different & More [Video]

Hard Knock Tv’s Nick Huff Barili sits down with Hopsin for exclusive in-depth interview. In part 4, Hopsin:

1. Clowns Trap Music and rappers that don’t even make sense with their raps.
2. Explains inspiration behind “Rap Sucks”/”No Words” skit.
3. Say Trap rappers have no talent; its just the hard beats and producers adding auto tune to make the songs catchy.
4. Says he misses the old days when there were rappers actually rapping.
5. Addresses his song Mr Jones, says its for all the Hopsin haters. “I got hated on a lot..People call me corny…”
6. Talks being fulled by the doubters.
7. Explains the difference between being signed to major distribution vs major label. Say he is signed to WBR for distribution.
8. Says he does not have a label A&R and controls all of his own music himself.
+ More!

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