Opio x Free the Robots – Stoned Temple Pilot [Stream]


The Souls of Mischief Emcee and LA Beat Scene Vet Recorded Their Sempervirens Album in a Redwood Forest, Share Second Single via Ambrosia For Heads

“I made this track with a certain rhythmic swing in mind to subtly break your neck. Simple, mysterious, and lazy with somewhat of a strait forward Hip Hop vibe. The background lead i added was inspired by 70’s crime films. I remember Opio staying up all night in the forest shed studio to record the vocals this. The finished song felt like an honest representation of everything that could go on in your head while you’re vibing out in the middle of nowhere by yourself.”

“I recorded ‘Stoned Temple Pilot’ up at the cabin in Russian River late at night all by myself. The beat is dark dirty and dusty and it matched my surroundings perfectly. I was out there without any media stimulation, no cell phone service and spotty wifi at best which left me with nothing but my imagination. Lyrically,this song is quite visual, when you hear it you can almost see what I’m saying. like to paint pictures with words and I feel like this is a great example of that.”

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