SESSIONS: Fashawn’s “The Ecology” [Video]

You never truly know when your big break is going to come. For young veteran MC, Fashawn, that came from a legendary fan who he now calls his boss. “When Nas says he’s going to buy you a ticket to Texas or anywhere for that matter, you should take that,” Fashawn mentions about his meeting with Nas that led him to performing at South By Southwest last year. It was that initial meeting that led Nas to sign Fashawn to Mass Appeal records and to release his first solo album in nearly six years in The Ecology, which is out now. The former XXL Freshmen made a splash with his debut, Boy Meets World, but readily admits that the person who put that out is much different than the man he is now. “The artist that put out Boy Meets World was a lot more immature,” reveals the Mass Appeal artist. “He thought he knew everything about the world before he even met the world. I say the difference on this one is that I’m a lot more humble, a lot more wiser. Wise enough to know that I don’t know much, that I’m forever learning every day.” In this sit-down with Fashawn, he breaks down what went into the making of his new album, The Ecology, meetings with Hip-Hop legends and which songs mean the most to him on this project. Check out the STASHED exclusive up top.

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