Wordsmith – Talking To The Most High [Video]

“Talking to the Most High” is another lively and motivating record where Wordsmith explores his desire to ascend to the heights of greatness and how he finds his motivation through his own faith and action. Working hard and keeping a positive attitude in the face of adversity is key to Wordsmith’s success, granting him the knowledge that nothing is ever impossible and shouldering him with the responsibility of proving it to the world. “Talking to the Most High” is Wordsmith leading by a good example for everyone, the faithful and the faithless. The “Talking to the Most High” video concludes the narrative began in the “Gems of Wisdom” video, so fans will want to see both for the full vision. “Talking to the Most High” was shot on the building roof of Apt. 507 and displays the Baltimore City skyline proudly from the top. A special location was used for the final scenes in the video, the 100+ year old ruins of St. Stanislaus Church. Both videos feature Wordsmith’s son Ezequiel as the young man before his journey.

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