Ca$h Out On Evolving Beyond “Cashin’ Out” And Vibing With PARTYNEXTDOOR [Video]

Atlanta native Ca$h Out’s career bubbled when he dropped “Cashin’ Out” back in 2012. It felt like you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing “Ridin round with that Nina” on blast, making it one of the year’s biggest songs. But during Ca$h Out’s recent Complex visit, he revealed that everyone’s favorite song wasn’t necessarily his favorite. Don’t get it twisted—he’s got major love for his platinum hit that landed him in every DJ’s Serato, but he’s always had visions far beyond the Epic Recordsbacked hit. Fast forward to present day, we find Ca$h Out rolling independent and making good on his goals. Recently, he’s been focusing on lyrics and leaning towards more minimal beats than his prior work, exhibited on songs like “Tomorrow.” He’s also been collaborating with the likes of OVO’s PARTYNEXTDOOR. Ca$h Out informed us that he’s created about three to four tracks with PND, “I’m really loving that vibe—just the female vibe, the lyrical vibe. He got me in that space, that I don’t wanna get out.”

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