Action Bronson Is “Mr.Wonderful” And “Fuck That’s Delicious!” Will Now Be On TV [Video]

Action Bronson is gearing up to release his debut album, Mr. Wonderful. The rapper shared the Bloodsport-inspired cover art yesterday, which followed up the release of the tracklist. He also popped up on Mark Ronson’s remix of “Uptown Funk”, and as we learn during our interview, the relationship extends beyond that. Ronson also handles some production on Mr. Wonderful. In between doing dabs, Bronsolino spoke on coming up with his animated cover art , as well as the inspiration behind his album title (his mama). He also talks about connecting with 40 for the track “Actin’ Crazy”, revealing that 40 was the one who really wanted to work with him. 40 knew off the bat which beat Bronson would want, apparently. He also breaks down “Thug Love Story 2017”, revealing it’s three songs put together. He says, “It’s three pieces of music put together. There’s a song called ‘City Boy Blues’, there’s a song called ‘Light In Attic’, and there’s a song with me and Chance [The Rapper] called ‘Baby Blue’, that joint is produced by Mark Ronson.” Watch the full interview above. Stay tuned for Mr. Wonderful.

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