Peter Rosenberg: “Cipha Sounds Was Ready For Something New” [Video]

VladTV recently caught up with famed New York radio DJ Peter Rosenberg and got his take on fellow DJ Cipha Sounds departing Hot 97 after nearly two decades at the station. Rosenberg, while understandably sad to see him go, believes Cipha was ready for a new endeavor and he wishes him the best. “He had an incredible run, and I think he’s gonna do incredible things moving forward — that’s my guy for life,” Rosenberg adds. Moving on, Rosenberg is asked his thoughts on freestyles, and he says he loves when people rhyme whether it’s off the top or from written bars. While on the topic of music, the 35-year-old DJ weighs in on Kendrick Lamar’s new single “The Blacker the Berry,” calling it “amazing” and “fire.” Finally, Rosenberg gives his take on the new adidas Yeezy Boost. While he thinks it’s a cool shoe, he’s a Nike guy and always has been.

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