L’Orange feat. Kool Keith – Sometimes I Feel [Stream]


Taken from the upcoming Mello Music Group compilation album “Persona”, due out 3/10. Pre-order here.

Ever feel 7 foot 13 and Green? Yeah, Kool Keith does. MMG producer L’Orange opens the gate to another realm on this new song from the upcoming Mello Music Group album “Persona.” L’Orange’s Haunting vocal sample and stutter step drums prod UltraMan to contemplate just how he feels – luckily Kool Keith has no shortage of descriptors. Sometimes Keith feels happy to stuff the ball in the basket and get two points; sometimes Keith feels rap is his puppet on strings; sometimes he’s mostly jolly chillin’ on the couch to poli. The marriage of L’Orange’s left of center heroine nod, prohibition era sampling, noirscape production with Kool Keith’s legendary Ultramagnetic founding, creator of Billy Miligan split personality sci-fi rap – aka Dr. Octagon, aka Black Elvis, aka Dr. DOOM, aka Tashawn Dorsett, aka Crazy Lou, aka Poppa Large, aka, Keith Korg, aka Mr. Gerbik, or just plain Mr. Thronton to some, is just plain as blissful as Kanye & Kim on a motorcycle riding through the grand canyon. The point is, let your mind wander while you listen to this new gem from L’Orange & Kool Keith.

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