Onyx: “Battle Rappers Should Be Getting Paid Way More” [Video]

Onyx spoke with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about the payment that battlers currently receive, and also how violence should have no role in Battle Rap or Hip-Hop in general. Fredro Starr specifically stated that he thinks battlers should get paid “way more” than what they are making right now, and spoke on a few ways to increase the overall revenue produced from the lyrical sport. He believes that the individual purse which battlers are given will only increase over time as the demand to watch the sport continues to grow. They then discussed violence in Battle Rap and how it really should have no place in Hip-Hop at all. Fredro didn’t want to name any names, but he stated that the first person who really brought violence into Battle Rap is responsible for the continued incidents that have occurred over the years. Sticky Fingaz then threw in a clever subliminal hint at who was being spoken about.

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