Kurupt: “I’m Proud To Be A Part Of Dr. Dre’s Legacy” [Video]

VladTV caught up with West Coast legend Kurupt and briefly chopped it up about Kevin Hart, his big bro Dr. Dre, and his take on Bieber’s current situation. Kurupt gave major props to Kevin Hart, saying he’s watched the Philadelphia funnyman for years and is proud of his growth both comedically and success wise. When asked about Dr. Dre’s billion-dollar deal, Kurupt says he’s been around Dre since 1993, and watched him grow as a business man. In his eyes, the moves Dre is making are epic and he’s very proud to have been around the “good doctor” for so many years and to have learned so much from Mr. Young. When it comes to Bieber, Kurupt says he doesn’t blame the pop star for things he said years ago because he was a kid, and we all should just forgive and forget.

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