D/WILL – Ready. Aim. Beautiful. [Free EP]


Here it is my instrumental FreEp “Ready. Aim. Beautiful.” to carry us until my emcee/producer project “reset” drops on iTunes 7/21. “Reset” is soulful but it pulls and tugs at the speakers a bit. With Ready. Aim. Beautiful I created a small beautiful/complex instrumental ep because I kept having dreams that I needed to lol. Woke up one morning over the top thankful!!!! I mean everything was awesome– from the taste of the coffee to the crispness of the blue sky It felt like someone had just saved my life or somn. I was in tears of joy from sensory overload and I was so thankful. For a few weeks I would wake up in the mornings with these extreme feelings so I decided that I would use it as inspiration! Stay tuned family “Reset” is gonna be a big record and ill have plenty of updates and visuals, but until then enjoy “Ready. Aim. Beautiful.” If you want more insight on “Ready.Aim.Beautiful” just drop me a line in the comments and I got you.

Download: D/WILL – Ready. Aim. Beautiful.

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