Vic Spencer – Non-Factors [Stream x Download]


“I’m not fucking around no more, like a married whore”

Today, Vic Spencer feels free to release Non Factors, a record that was inspired by several tweets sent Spencer way by “non-factors” in the Chicago music scene. Vic sent a tweet out last week stating he was “the best lyrical MC from Chicago until proven otherwise”, and then his notifications started booming by people that don’t even matter musically.

“Look, I’m the best out this city and I wanted rappers to prove that my words were wrong”, Spencer says aggressively. “When I said that, people that don’t even rap/follow me on Twitter started to speak when they wasn’t being spoken to. It’s like they was bored and started to butt in, hahahha”.

So Vic took all of that inspiration then went to Grind House with Going Away, a beat by Budgie off Budgie & Alchemist beat tape, The Good Book to create Non Factors, reproduced by legendary engineer Doc da Mindbenda. Packed with incredible bars, It seems that Vic Spencer is very upset at his competition and will declare ‘The Best from the Chi’ until one of these top-tier rappers address him with proof that he’s not. Guess we will have to see what happens from a response from whatever rapper that wants to step to the plate.

“They too spooked”, Vic added.

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