Inside The VIBE Impact Awards With Nas [Video]

Nas was honored at last night’s VIBE Impact Awards, with several of his friends and colleagues roasting him with speeches. The ‘Illmatic’ rapper’s contribution to hip-hop is immeasurable. “We didn’t want the VIBE Impact Awards to be a lifetime achievement award. We want to honor someone who has made a lasting contribution to hip-hop and will continue to do so in the future,” said editor-in-chief Jermaine Hall, before introducing Nas’ former A&R exec Kate Newman. During the night, Swizz Beatz would take the stand and admit he named his son — Prince Nasir Dean — after him. J. Cole would deliver a comical flashback to his childhood when he discovered Nas for the first time while being a die-hard Tupac fan. Former VIBE editor Erik Parker also took the podium to discuss Nas’ influence and how rather than passing a torch to young rappers, he ignites it. No ID would comment on how Nas brings out the best in him, while Nas’ former manager Steve Stoute also took to the stand to say some words.

More footage after the jump.

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