Lord Jamar Thinks Drake Would Defeat Kendrick In A Battle [Video]

Lord Jamar addressed one of the hottest topics in Hip-Hop right now, which is the competitive lyrical beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. During an interview with VladTV, the Brand Nubian rapper explained that he believes if they really do have an ongoing lyrical feud, then they should battle to determine who’s the best bar-for-bar. Jamar doesn’t think taking things to a violent level is necessary, and actually believes that any fighting between two people who don’t portray a “tough guy” image would be corny. Based off of familiarity with his music alone, Jamar thinks that Drake would win a battle against Kendrick Lamar; however, he stated that if he heard more of Kendrick’s music he might change his mind. He feels that on almost every track Drake appears on, he “almost always kills it,” and makes better overall songs than Kendrick. It would be very interesting to see Kendrick and Drake participate in an actual modern battle, where instead of making multiple tracks dissing one another, they could step in the lyrical ring for one of the top battle leagues and go toe-to-toe with bars on top of bars.

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