Hit-Boy Talks Visit From Dr. Dre, Unreleased Drake Songs, Says Kendrick Should Get Grammy [Video]

Exclusive in-depth interview with Hit Boy. In part 1 Hit talks to Nick Huff Barili about his first Hip Hop memory (N.W.A) and how watching his uncle perform in a group called Troop made him want to get into Rapping and Producing. Hit Boy says that he started taking rapping seriously at 13 years old and then took to producing a couple years later on Acid Pro and Fruity Loops. Hit Boy explains how his production process has evolved: “Now my process is not really “Beats” I’m more digging into feelings and stuff like that. I might just start with just a keyboard and build my own music now…Im so busy that I have to create music on the spot now. I’m not the kid that is in Fontana making 30 beats a day. Now we have actual sessions and I’m sitting with Mariah Carey hand in hand playing the keys really coming up with records. This is really what I’m about. I’m not that guy that people thought I was as far as just “Niggas in Paris” or these simple beats that got me on. Like Hov said “I had to dumb down to double my dollars” you feel me…Now I’m just really creating music, its not just about the beats any more. I’m trying to change the Culture. I’m trying to bring it back to when it felt right. It just felt good. I’m capturing feelings now.” As the interview continues Hit Boy talks about getting a visit from Dr Dre. “We just kicked it. I played him a couple things. I’m not saying that we are working together or anything but we just vibe’d.” When asked by Nick who he thinks should win the Hip Hop Grammy this year Hit Boy says “Ima say Kendrick man. I feel like he had one of the most organic stories and organic movements of the last couple years.” Drake recently mentioned that him and Hit Boy had some stashed tracks that didn’t make the album. You will have to tune in to hear what Hit has to say about that!

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