Nipsey Hussle: “Crenshaw” Documentary [Video]

In anticipation of his forthcoming mixtape Crenshaw, Nipsey Hussle takes Civil TV on a tour of where Slauson Ave. meets his old stomping grounds to provide the backdrop for a project, he says, will excite the streets. “The album is more about great records and great songs. I know they’ve been waiting. I know it’s been a long time,” Neighborhood Nip says. “But it’s well worth it.” The 28-year-old L.A. representer salutes major label execs in our 5-minute clip but explains why he continues to fuel his indie musical journey solo. “It’s 2013. We know the change that’s taking place. We know the outlets and connection and the reach that artists can have. And my thing is, I want every penny I’m entitled to. I want as much percentage that I’m entitled to, and I don’t believe that I’m wrong.” So what’s the intention of his new album artwork? “The intention for a cover is not to represent my gang affiliation. That’s not the intention of an album cover. That’s the intention of your actions in the streets or in a place where gang activity takes place at. I just took a page from magazines. You look at every magazine logo from Time to Newsweek to XXL. What color are them logos? Them logos all red. That’s the most attention grabbing color. Ain’t got nothing to do with gang banging.” The Gangster Grillz release hosted by DJ Drama is due out Oct. 8.

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