Logic Talks Getting Kicked Out Of HS, Not Doing Drugs, Working At Wing Stop, Jiffy Lube & More [Video]

Exclusive in-depth interview with Logic. In part 3 Logic talks to Nick Huff Barili about what his life was like at 16/17 years old when he got kicked out of High School, left his Mom’s house, then left his Dad’s house and ended up sleeping on a friends couch while he worked multiple jobs (Flower Shop, Jiffy Lube) as well as music. At 21 Logic was asked to talked to kids at his old High School for career day and was awarded a Degree of Excellence. Logic also recalls rapping and performing at his jobs at Joe’s Crab Shack and Wing Stop. Although Logic said working in the food industry sucked and didn’t pay well, he knew that the drug dealing that family members and others around him were partaking in was gonna get them in trouble. Staying out of trouble helped Logic focus on his music career while those around him where going to jail. Logic also explains that writing his rhymes was therapeutic.

Part 4 drops Wednesday.

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