Logic Shares First Rap Verse; Talks “Dead Presidents III”, Wu-Tang, Childhood & More [Video]

Exclusive in-depth interview with Logic. In part 1 Logic talks to Nick Huff Barili about being influenced by Hip Hop Circa 96. He remembers buying The Roots “Do You Want More” as one of his first albums, though Chingy was his first it didn’t have an impact on him like The Roots. The movie Kill Bill lead Logic to RZA which lead him to Wu-Tang. Logic admits that even though he has listen to Wu-Tang Forever over a thousand times he still finds double entendres with new meanings hidden in there. At 20 years old Logic put out his first mixtape. Following a break up, he realize that Music is what he wanted to dedicate all his time to and do professionally. Logic goes on to recall his first rap verse and says that his friends used to call him Skittles cause M&M (Eminem) was already taken. As the interview continues Nick asks Logic if he could spit his verse from Dead Presidents 3, Logic does so and shares some of the stories from his childhood that inspired that verse including his Mother getting stabbed and growing up without his dad because he was abusing drugs. Although Logic admits its hard to talk about his parent abusing narcotics, being on welfare and brothers selling drugs, he talks about it because he hopes it can help other people. Logic goes on to say that some of the things that he talks about in his music he doesn’t even have conversations with his friends about. Being on the road has shown him the power of his lyrics as fans have come up to him saying that his songs have literally saved their lives and helped convince them not to kill themselves.

Part 2 drops this Friday.

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