Danny Brown Talks Freddie Gibbs Track, 50 Cent’s Style, Kissing Hookers, Sarah Palin & More [Video]


Reservoir Dogs (Danny’s first group)
Selling dope
Getting bitches back then and now
Black Planet
Battles with Tuff Tone
His first rap name Dee Luciano
Working with Hex Murder
Why Black Milk hasn’t reached mainstream success
People hating on Black Milk
“How do you define a sell-out track that’s just made for the radio”
Wiz Khalifa’s Black&Yellow track
“What’s the recipe to do a track – that isn’t a sell-out, but still get’s played in the radio”
Dj Khaled dropping hits after hits
“People think hip-hop is a sound.. Is not a sound it’s a……….”
50 Cent’s style
Where he got inspiration for his hairstyle
Famous soccer players hairstyle
ASAP Rocky’s cousin Bacary Sagna
His producer SKYWLKR hairstyle
Leaking info on the Freddie Gibbs track from his album ‘OLD’
Mouth condoms
Kissing a hooker
What’s the only thing he gives a b*tch
Emily Ratajkowski, Sarah Palin & Britney Spears
Worst and funniest sex experience

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