The Smokers Club – The Smokers Club – OIL:710 [Mixtape]


I worked on this cd for the past 6 months…. Thats a lie but it sounded cool so fuck it lol, this compilation is a combo of some of my favorite artists I fuck w & having a bunch of dope music from them that i thought needed to be shared with the world on this wonderful holiday…. If your out the loop 7:10 is a new smokers holiday, find u some OIL & get to burnin. Enjoy your 7:10 while listening to this OIL. O & give us some credit when you post this dont act like it didnt come from The Smokers Club GoodTalk ya Pricks – Jonny Shipes

Download: The Smokers Club – The Smokers Club – OIL:710


01. Chevy Woods – Choke Hold (Prod. By Trakksounds)
02. Mookie Jones – High (Prod. By Instramental)
03. Joey Bada$$ – Norwegian Breakfast (Prod. By Bagir)
04. Black Dave – Get Low (Prod. By Chuck Strangers)
05. Smoke DZA – Stay Up (Prod. By Matt Cody)
06. Hefna Gwap – Drug Problems (Prod. By Lord Plawz)
07. Cashius Green feat. PHEO & Dre Biggity – Betamill (Prod. By Bosstone)
08. Mobsquad Nard feat. Lil T – Lifted (Prod. By ?)
09. RokaMouth – Big Tings A Gwan (Prod. By RokaMouth)
10. Boldy James – Boldy Bangers (Prod. By The Blended Babies)
11. Alexander Spit – Bronco (Alpine Funk) (Prod. By Alexander Spit)
12. CJ Fly – Still The Motto (Prod. By Cookin Coul)
13. Kirk Knight – Early Morning Hiatus (Prod. By Kirk Knight)

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