Revolution Of The Mind – Kill Me Again [Video + MP3]

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No matter where we go, or what we do, we always end up back here

Verse 1 —

Let freedom ring with a buckshot, angels appeared then your luck stopped,
Answered our prayers with their guns cocked,
Unlocked young rebels from their chains,
And the street occupation sent a nation up in flames,
Now it’s judgment day and my sister calling soldiers out,
Shot her dead blood spewing out her nose and mouth,
On the ground Pops screaming as he holds her down,
Broadcast around the globe the whole world knows her now,
I’m all alone back home sitting on the couch,
Hit squads coming for you now the paranoia mounts,
Covered in blood plotting my next maneuver,
Moms tried to calm me Pops passed me the German Luger,
I want to play the game and I ain’t naming names,
But ever since that day came it’s never felt the same,
I weep with the AK so they can feel the pain,
The fist will speak discipline but pistols preach a different way,
If it ain’t righteous then lord take the sins away,
I speak to god so much sometimes I forget to pray,
I used to say that this pistol was a plaything,
Now I’m thinking maybe it’s the way that we can change things

Chorus –

So for tonight let’s have some fun, show me how to use this gun,
Kill me again and when it’s done, we’ll run into the morning sun

Verse 2 —

The new math I learned as a kid has been with me ever since,
You belong to the 5, 10, or the 85%,
And I know why we stopped but it seems that lately I forget,
Why we left the streets and everything we came to represent,
While these sanctions hurting everybody else within the picture,
The Don’s Pastaran cartel grows richer,
To call them a theocracy is far too kind,
It’s criminal conspiracy the likes of organized crime,
We ain’t sleeping we’re just waiting for our time,
In the bathroom Michael Corleone just loading these 9’s,
Think back when I was throwing peace signs in fact,
But sometimes hope leaves and the bitch never comes back,
Comrade ain’t even thinking ’bout rallying his people,
His daughter is starving, wifey’s at war with a needle,
Ayatollahs and the Reagans think exactly alike,
They know the will to uprise can die inside a glass pipe,
Last night my father read me my last rites,
Saying this the closest we come to making the past right,
And in the next life, Ya Azadi Ya Marg is my belief,
And if we perish in these streets tell Neda I said peace.

Azadi (x4),

Blame Oliver North and Iran Contra,
Iran contraband that they sponsored

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