Vanessa Elisha – Home To Me [Audio x Download]


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Vanessa Elisha. The Australian native just released the second single off her upcoming debut EP. Enjoy!

In the last 8 weeks, singer/songwriter Vanessa Elisha, has gone from self proclaimed “unlikely R&B star” to 2013’s one to watch. Thanks to support from several hundred blogs, her debut release, “Blur” found its way onto playlists and iphones across the world, with the self-edited video teaser amassing over 40,000 views. Reuniting with production partner Jrdn Gxnius, “Home to me” is a worthy follow up; a relatable story of heartbreak and yearning for change. With the video of “Home to Me” set to be released March 4th and her debut EP to follow shortly, Vanessa Elisha will continue her journey as both an artist and writer, finding her audience one blog at at time.

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