Justin Timberlake Presents The 20/20 Experience Tour Live @ The Palladium, Hollywood [Video]

Last night marked the kickoff to Justin Timberlake’s latest world tour The 20/20 Experience. The sold out show took place in Los Angeles at The Palladium. Footage includes excerpts from the show.

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Tonight was a special occasion. Yes the Grammy’s were entertaining, minus all of LL Cool J and Jay Z’s awkward speech, but also Justin Timberlake made his official comeback to music. Justin graced the Grammy’s with a special performance of his smash record Suit and Tie with Jay Z by his side, then Timberlake decided to release another new record Pusher Love Girl.

From one performance and event to another. just across town at the Palladium in Hollywood, thousands of fans waited patiently outside the venue until 10pm. Why you ask? Because tonight also marks the kickoff or official tour rehearsal for Justins 20/20 Experience Tour. Some people even were in line as early as noon. Everyone poured inside and eagerly awaited until it was showtime. it was top to bottom jam packed and nobody minded one bit. Entering from the left of stage, Justins house band and backup singers known as The Tennesee Kids, which also accompanied him during his grammy performance. The lights go low and the lazers come out. Immediately his introduction is recognized and instead of a “no media” event, smartphones are out and filming. A familiar guitar riff starts the show. It’s only right for Timberlake to start off with his first single ever as a solo artist, Like I Love You. From there the set transitions to Let Me Talk To You (Interlude) into another smash My Love. A sidenote; Justin Timberlake has made 2 albums in 10 years.

As the Timbaland produced record Cry Me A River starts to play, JT segways into the chorus of Juicy J’s Bands Make Her Dance. After a few seconds he breaks into the original song, beatbox breakdown and all. A few times he took it back to his beatbox roots tonight. Following that, Justin proceeds to play a new song from his upcoming album called Pusher Love Girl; An adult story about a girl and a boy and drugs? Anyways, he falls back into the past with Senorita, playing the piano himself. By the end of that performance, he reminded me of a young Elton John.

The title track Future Sex Love songs and Rock Your Body seamlessly are sung back to back. A somewhat intermission took place, when Justin calls the Tennessee back up singers to the front of the stage. At this time they reincarnate the Jackson 5 to perform Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground). Rest in peace to the almighty Mr. Michael Jackson, but a new King of Pop has been declared and that is Justin Timberlake. A couple slow songs including Until The End Of Time seranade the crowd then the show ends abruptly. Justin says goodnight LA, and heads backstage. Everybody knows there is always an encore. And so it goes, Justin comes back on stage after no more than a couple minutes passing.

As a special treat, Suite and Tie is performed again in the same night in its entirety including Jay Z. Any Justin Timberlake fan knows that he forgot to perform his most publicized record Sexyback. So after Jay Z exits, Timbaland enters and they shut the Palladium down in Hollywood from there.

This experience tonight aka The 20/20 Experience was everything that a live show is missing. With a capacity of around 4,000 people, this intimate performance with Mr. Timberlake was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Next time he is back in Los Angeles, tells the crowd he is playing Staples Center (50,000+ capacity) Justin Timberlake is 2013’s most prized possession in music.


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