The Kickdrums & Dee Goodz – The Higher EP [Free EP]


Brooklyn-based producer/songwriter/musical jack-of-all-trades Alex Fitts, a.k.a The KickDrums, has released his latest project The Higher EP. The Higher EP is a creative collaboration between The KickDrums and Dee Goodz, a Tennessee spawned rapper/producer that is sure to join the long-list of artists The KickDrums have collaborated with just before they break into the mainstream. The Higher EP shows the continued maturity for Fitts both as a producer and as a vocalist. With each successive release, The KickDrums have been able to grow leaps and bounds as a production force. The Higher EP, thanks to inspiration from Dee Goodz with whom Alex had tremendous chemistry with in the studio, drives more than earlier production efforts from Fits. This EP puts Alex’s ability to balance hip hop beats and the sort of ethereal synths and guitars usually reserved for the most revered indie rock artists. When the production is combined with Dee Goodz next-level delivery, the result is a release that feels as though it foreshadows the next step in the progression of Hip Hop.

Download: The Kickdrums & Dee Goodz – The Higher EP


1. Intro
2. Go (Co-Produced by Tilla)
3. Higher
4. Echoes
5. Icey Techno (feat. Sza)
6. Take Um Home (Co-Produced by Tilla)
7. A Faded Picture (Co-Produced by Anna Yvette)
8. Why You Mad (Co-Produced by Tilla)
9. No Talking (Co-Produced by Trouble Andrew)

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