Childish Gambino Talks Andy Milonakis “Beef”, Andre 3000, XXL Freshmen & More [Video]

Part 4 starts with viewer submitted questions. For the first question, Donald talks to Nick Huff Barili about Andy Milonakis trying to bate him into a rap beef. Donald tells Hard Knock TV that if Andy wants to freestyle battle he will do it. Milonakis just has to pick a topic! (sidenote) Yall just pick a day and we will be more than happy to open up are studios to make this happen! The second question viewers wanted to know is regarding Levar Burton, which Donald answers with a story of one of the reasons why he admires Burton: Gangsta Shit and Reading! Do you see yourself making the 2012 XXL freshmen list? Is what the third fan wanted to know? To get the answer to that you are gonna have to watch the video but we will give you a clue, his answer involved Andre 3000. The last two questions involve Gambino’s childhood both in terms of growing up in the South and having to deal with racism. Plus Donald shares his best Worst childhood memory (it involves a basketball game). I have a feeling this one is going to make it into the Donald Glover movie.

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