Tech N9ne Talks “The Noose”, Contemplating Suicide, Soldiers & 9/11 [Video]

In part 2 Tech talks to Nick Huff Barili about his controversial new song “The Noose” featuring Mayday, which will be off his new Colabos album. Tech says that in NO WAY does his condone or justify suicide but that after visiting Camp Pendleton and seeing and hearing a lot of the soldiers stories he had to talk about it. Tech mentions that suicide is the number one cause of death for soldiers stationed in the Middle East. We had no idea! Tech not only breaks down the lyrics to “The Noose” but he also shares his feelings on 9/11. Nick continues the conversation by asking Tech N9ne about his own struggles with depression and his references to suicide through out his career. Tech says that if it wasn’t for his children he thinks there is a good chance that he wouldn’t be here with us today. Depression is a real subject that often gets neglected by mainstream media and our society as a whole, which forces people to try to cope with it on their own. We appreciate Tech for taking the time to really open up about something so personal! We hope that it can help open the dialog.

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