Five Steez & DJ Ready Cee – The Momentum: Volume Two [Mixtape]

Download: Five Steez & DJ Ready Cee – The Momentum: Volume Two | Stream

Rising Hip Hop artist, Five Steez, and New York City radio icon, DJ Ready Cee, have released the highly anticipated “Momentum: Volume Two” mixtape for free download and streaming.

“I took it back to the ‘golden era’ with the choice of instrumentals on the last one and now we’vemoved up in time. It’s the same concept but the energy is crazier plus there are new flows and new styles. I had to top the first one with this. That’s the whole idea of building momentum,” says the young Kingston-based rapper.

Despite widespread local and international awareness of an emerging Hip Hop scene in the land of Reggae, Five Steez has captured the attention of numerous tastemakers in Hip Hopincluding the legendary DJ Ready Cee.

“I’m telling you, whoever felt Volume One is gonna love Volume Two. It’s exactly the same vibe and sounds like a perfect continuation. I know it took a long while but I just had to wait for the right time,” says DJ Ready Cee.

Five Steez is currently working on his debut album entitled “War for Peace”, which will be released in 2012.

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