Skam2? – The Skronik: How to Boil Vomit [Mixtape]

Download: Skam2? – The Skronik: How to Boil Vomit

SoFlo Entertainment announces the official release of SKAM2?’s debut mixtape THE SKRONIK: How to Boil Vomit, which is sponsored by and Public Wizard, Inc. G Brown and SKAM2? compose this long over due mix featuring unreleased tracks and priceless interludes that make you wonder, “Where did he get those sound bites from?” SKAM2? is also joined on this mixtape by Ill Bill, Raekwon, Supernatural, Black Violin, Low Life, Omniscient and Steven King. Yet the mixtape would not be complete without a twisted SKAM2? illustration. SKAM2? embodies the culmination of Heavy Metal, Dirty South and straight up Boom-Bap, so he makes sure to fuse it successfully for this extraordinary mix.

01 Headphones (Intro)
02 Execution by Fire
03 Ill Bill – Straight Illin’ f. Steven King & SKAM2?
04 One Man Gang
05 The Chef (Interlude)
06 Ill Bill – Thousands to M’s (rmx) f. Raekwon & SKAM2?)
07 Slabs
08 Stand Like A Man f. Low Life
09 Omniscient – To Be A Legend f SKAM2?
10 The DJ is Actin’ Up (Supernatural & SKAM2? off the top freestyle at WUSB Stony Brook)
11 RE+animated Cannibal
12 Pennie$
13 Queens Crew (Interlude)
14 Calm Like Motion
15 Robot (Interlude)
16 Black Violin – Sleepin’ (rmx) f. SKAM2?
17 There Egoes (Interlude)
18 Out There
19 La [Demo]

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