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L’Orange & Mr. Lif – There’s An Art To Sleeping [Audio x Download]

Posted on December 1, 2016


Here's a bonus cut from "The Life & Death of Scenery", which was released October 14. Grab it here.

L’Orange & Mr. Lif – Strange Technology [Video]

Posted on October 31, 2016

Off of "The Life And Death Of Scenery", available here.

TrackBlasters Radio: 12.10.16

Posted on October 12, 2016

Da Wednesday Underground Flava - Underground & Old School Tunes Non-Stop

Host: DJ P.R.

Heavy hit after heavy hit! Press play and enjoy.

Record Of The Day: The Game - I Grew Up On Wu-Tang


NxWorries (Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge) - Get Bigger/Do U Luv
The Game - The Juice
The Game - The Soundtrack
Dr. Dre feat. Kendrick Lamar Kendrick Lamar, Marsha Ambrosius & Candice Pillay - Genocide
Cold 187um feat. Ice Cube & The D.O.C. - Legacy
Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad feat. Method Man - Bulletproof Love
Banks & Steelz feat. Method Man & Masta Killa - Point Of View
Wu-Tang Clan feat. Kool G Rap - Rivers Of Blood

**Record Of The Day**
The Game - I Grew Up On Wu-Tang

Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.
De La Soul - Royalty Capes
Mr. Lif & L'Orange - 5 Lies About The World Outside
Earl Sweatshirt - Balance
Dag Savage feat. ADAD & CashUs King - All My People
Isaiah Rashad - Brenda

Download here (right click and save as...)

Mr. Lif & L’Orange – The Life And Death Of Scenery [Album]

Posted on October 10, 2016


George Orwell once prophesized, “if you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever.” The latest EP from L’Orange & Mr. Lif, The Life and Death of Scenery, conceives a chimerical “lighthearted dystopia” just far enough from modernity to breathe easily, but close enough to make you consider relocating to that cave in the forest. In this collaboration with the eccentric North Carolina producer, L’Orange, Lif imagines an adjacent future called the “last society,” where culture has been obliterated and physical survival has taken precedence over art. Released through a partnership between Adult Swim and Mello Music Group, the duo’s latest opus opens with one of four addresses from “The Narrator” (played by The Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac). These Big Brother missives capture a world where the, “books are all burned, the vinyl has been melted, and the remaining art catapulted over the city walls.” The mere act of whistling is cause for the guillotine. It’s the rap analogue to Fahrenheit 451, 1984, or a Brave New World, where the Soma is uncomfortably soothing and the sunshine eerily abundant. The former Def Jux legend inhabits on the role of The Scribe, frantically showing the post-apocalyptic survivors the power of what's been lost. It attacks those who value disposable art over the timeless; it articulates the necessity of preserving culture; it lampoons the absurdity of attempting to destroy one of the most immutable qualities in mankind. In L’Orange’s words, the collaboration is “a negotiation of influences without compromise.” You can hear the producer’s trademark alchemy of classic boom-rap with glitchy fuzz, a compressed whimsy that slaps against somber scythe-like piano lines, ominous spaghetti western licks, and celestial saxophone licks. Lif spits staccato bars in double-time, adeptly slicing through the beats like banned books to a shredder. He’s joined on “Antique Gold” by the 19-year old monotone samurai, Chester Watson. Gonjasufi’s banshee yelp makes “Strange Technology” even more resonant. Insight bombards on “Five Lies About the World Outside.” The legendary turntablist Q-Bert contributes cuts on “The Scribe.” While Akrobatik, Lif’s longtime partner in The Perceptionists, pops up twice to exhibit their almost telepathic tag-team chemistry. The rapping is virtuosic. The production is sumptuous and scene setting. But what sticks is those cumulative effects: the fantastic imagination of this foreign but familiar world, the importance of illuminations in a world that values cold logic, the sly humor of winking oracles, and inexorable fear that this could be a reality—should we continue down our current path.

Download: Mr. Lif & L'Orange - The Life And Death Of Scenery

L’Orange & Mr. Lif – A Palace In The Sky [Audio]

Posted on September 22, 2016


Off of L'Orange and Mr. Lif's forthcoming album, "The Life & Death of Scenery". The project will be out on October 7th for free via Adult Swim and an extended version on October 14th on Mello Music Group.

Mr. Lif & L’Orange – Strange Technology [Audio]

Posted on August 23, 2016


The first single from L'Orange & Mr. Lif's upcoming project, "The Life & Death of Scenery," featuring Akrobatik & Gonjasufi.

The album will be out on October 7th for free on Adult Swim ( and an extended version on October 14th on Mello Music Group.

TrackBlasters Radio: 25.03.16

Posted on March 25, 2016

Da Fat Friday Afternoon - The Official Soundtrack To Your Weekend

Host: DJ P.R.

Today, RemiDemi takes over the TB Radio airwaves with his dope "Smoke Break" mix, which features dusty, blunted instrumentals and a small bunch of rap tracks.

Happy Good Friday, ya'll!

Record Of The Day: Back on Monday!


Contact Field Orchestra – Sluice Box Tavern
rxn – thx
Knowsum – Home
Bastien Keb – Pork Belly
Allen Poe – Memory
Sleepdealer – 1974
Dr Blaster – Green Mint
Szur – track011 (vibe to this at night)
SPELLWRKS – Super Chill
Byron The Aquarius – I Can See U
Professor Brian Oblivion – Numb Tongue
King I Divine – 9th Dimension
Bluestaeb – Message From The Inner City Blue
Mono Massive – Birds and Bees (Instrumental)
bugseed – to be there
Croup – Singularity
Tajima Hal – Glossy
Nepo – Hirngespinst
SPELLWRKS – Salami Rolls
Nino El Dino – Quit It
Oh No The Nite
Ray West – Thinker Girl
Professor Brian Oblivion – Help Me
Saito – Crates Digging
bugseed – katmandu
Szur – track009 (blaze to this at night)
Siam Slap
Pigeondust – Harps
L’Orange & Kool Keith – Twenty Fifty Three
Robot Orchestra – Divine Elegance
KLIM – Crickett
Red Martina – Outside
Def Dee – Keep Keep it On
Karlsson – Classic Sht
Red Martina – Seasons Change
Al Quetz – Zamal Chant
Circa 94 Beats – Flames Get Back
PackFM – Plucking Daisies (instrumental)
Def Dee – The Merc
Heather B – My Type (Kankick Remix)

Download here (right click and save as...)

L’Orange & Jeremiah Jae feat. Homeboy Sandman – Ignore The Man To Your Right [Video]

Posted on March 7, 2016

Deep kick drums, ticking hi-hats, irregular rhythms, and Victrola static all over golden age vocalizations combine to provide the black & white soundscape over which Chicago emcee Jeremiah Jae delivers deadpan lyrics. Stones Throw spitter Homeboy Sandman ties his verbals to the track on the second verse to complete the unsettling song.

Taken by itself L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae's singles leave listeners adrift in an undefined world of prohibition rap - a artistic Hiphop version of 1930s gangster films. But as fans of L'Orange already know, making sense of the story as each piece of the puzzle unfolds is part of the experience.

"The Night Took Us In Like Family" out now.