Novel – Letter To The Badge [Stream x Download]

The failure to indict both Officer Darren Wilson and the anonymous killer of Eric Garner has illuminated a number of unpleasant truths about American society: that equality before the law is a myth; that racism is still deeply entrenched in our institutions; that the people tasked to protect us are often more dangerous than the alleged bad guys. Knowing that this is no way for him and his loved ones to live, recording artist extraordinaire Novel makes a powerful appeal to police officers’ humanity on Letter to the Badge, a new single dedicated to the families of the aforementioned victims. The artist’s own Coldplay-sampled boadwork, peppered with samples from Watts riot police scanners, accompany his emotionally-charged verses and chorus. Letter is slated to appear, along with Wednesday’s acclaimed Die a Little, on Novel’s next project, which has yet to receive a title or drop date.

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