Monica Blaire – Set Me Free [Audio]

Produced by Waajeed & Maestro. I’ve worked with Monica Blaire several times over the last couple years, and everytime has been a pleasure. She’s focused, efficient, and talented as hell. Along with her primary producer Maestro (of Silent Riot) – together we are a Dream Team. When we collaborated for a track on he 2006 project titled, “Portrait of Me,” I had no idea we would make one of my more notable tracks to date. This one is a classic in the hearts of Detroiters and those in the know.Originally I did this beat in a hotel in Manchester, England as a submission for John Legend’s sophomore album Once Again. After a rough track was done, it needed something else to bring it home. Maestro added the perfect ingredients to fill it out and make it bigger. He killed it. I guess it was too left for John, so Monica Blaire stepped in and wrote some of the most stellar lyrics I’ve ever heard. When Maestro played it for the first time it hit me right in the gut! At some point when the time is right I’d love to reconnect with my Dream Team. Until then, feast on this. – Jeedo

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