INeedARaze feat. Jaison Spain – High AF [Audio x Download]

On the latest single off his upcoming project, “Please”, New York artist INeedARaze shares an ode to his favorite pastime and, more importantly, his favorite way to cope with all the stress in our modern society. From its atmospherics produced by Rusty Mack to the stoner chorus, “High AF” may sound proudly, well, high as f*ck—and it is!—but it’s also an introspective piece that dives into Raze’s mental state. In between the clever wordplay and punchlines, he reveals his motivations and need to light up because for him, there’s no place he feels more at home. And whereas preceding single “Raze the Stakes” was a murderous showcase of the emcee’s pure rapping talents, the Washington Heights native is back on his songwriting tip with “High AF”. The track is a blunted exploration of what makes Raze tick and, of course, his love for marijuana, but it’s driven by melody and focused song structure. It also features strong guest vocals from fellow New Yorker Jaison Spain, who hits all the right notes while embracing the sticky icky on the chorus. Give the track a spin, and head over to HYPEDDIT for the free .mp3 download. Stay tuned for more leaks off “Please”, which is due out on July 3rd!

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