A.CHAL On Shamans, Music & Life-And-Death [Video]

Mass Appeal caught up with A.CHAL to discuss spirituality, shamans and life-and-death. It’s important to listen to an artist’s music to understand his or her journey. In fact, sometimes that’s all they want you to do. But for someone like A.CHAL, there’s so much more going on in his mind during the creation process that you’d be remiss not to ponder as deeply. After an otherworldly trip to the Amazon facilitated his thirst for understanding, he’s questioned almost everything the rest of us are taught to accept growing up. And now A.CHAL has gleaned new theories and knowledge on death, music, and more. Some of these topics are discussed on his last project, Welcome to GAZI. Before he held everyone’s attention for a powerful set at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, A.CHAL sat down with us to share some of the ideas that have shaped his music. One of those ideas is a preconception many artists live by: creating music within traditional key structures that limit their range. And in some cases, that can damage them spiritually. He finally goes over how personal conflict of putting out more honesty in the world through his music.

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