Consequence feat. Kanye West – No Apologies [Audio]

Kanye West, perhaps the most contentious figure in contemporary hip hop, has returned with a new release, this time collaborating with Consequence.

The producer-rapper followed up with this song amidst discussions about his ‘retirement from professional music.’ Whether this will indeed be his final release remains uncertain. For now, the track is out, and you can listen to it here!

Kanye’s signature style is evident throughout the track. The sample-based boom bap beat exudes nostalgia and uplifts listeners, reminiscent of earlier works like “Bound 2”. However, this track takes a more restrained sonic approach, featuring minimalism and a syncopated groove. The lyrics focus on being unapologetic about the artists’ career paths, emphasizing that they did what was necessary to achieve their current success, even though some might argue Kanye has plenty to apologize for.

Ever since Kanye released the remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Like That“, the hype around the rapper has noticeably quieted. Many fans were displeased with Kanye’s involvement in the beef, and it seemed unfair that Kendrick wasn’t held to the same standard for his response on Pharrell’s behalf.

It’s clear that anyone who got involved in the Kendrick-Drake feud didn’t fare well (except for Kendrick himself). This was particularly true for rappers Rick Ross and Kanye West, both of whom were overshadowed by the high-quality releases from the main event. Could this have contributed to Kanye’s thoughts of retirement? Is his new release an attempt to reshape the narrative? Only time will tell.

Listen to the latest collaboration between Cons and Kanye below.

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