Quavo feat. Lana Del Rey – Tough [Video]

Quavo and Lana Del Rey have joined forces for a new song and video titled “Tough”.

Amidst the speculation surrounding Quavo and Lana Del Rey’s relationship, one thing is certain: they make an excellent collaborative team. Their new song, “Tough”, showcases a bold fusion of western and hip hop sounds, expertly chosen yet daring in its execution.

Reverb-drenched drums lay the sonic foundation as Lana and Quavo harmonize on the hook, showcasing a stunning and unexpected blend of voices and genres. The duo previously teased a snippet on Instagram, featuring them by a farm fence, holding a gun and poised to shoot. Rapper Tobe Nwigwe praised the song, calling it “hard,” while fans celebrated and rejoiced, exclaiming that “trap Lana is back!”.

The track is accompanied by a music video that beautifully captures its aesthetic, filmed and edited in a montage style reminiscent of old, memoir-like home videos. The choppy, almost slow-motion, and bright visuals evoke the quality of post-VHS footage, blending seamlessly with the country-inspired guitars. Lana and Quavo infuse equal soul into their performances, expressing themselves in a way that’s truly unique.

Press play below.

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