Latto – Big Mama [Video]

Latto makes a comeback with her latest track, “Big Mama”.

This song, infused with trap beats, delivers a sultry pop-rap vibe. In “Big Mama”, Latto explores the rush of emotions she feels when her significant other uses this affectionate nickname.

The music video is presented in a vlog format, featuring Latto and her friends enjoying themselves to the fullest. They jump in and out of hotel rooms and cars, take shots on a yacht, twerk, and ask her love interest about birthday plans. Latto appears to be having the time of her life throughout.

Unexpectedly, the beat switches around the 2-minute mark, taking on a hard Drake-like production. This is where the energy intensifies as Latto shifts from melodic raps to a bold, more aggressive delivery. The video concludes with a promotional slide for “Sugar Honey Ice Tea”, hinting at her upcoming LP.

Check out the video beow.

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