Don Toliver – Hardstone Psycho [Album Stream]

Don Toliver, known for his silky autotuned vocals, has finally dropped the highly anticipated album, “Hardstone Psycho”.

This album had Reddit users on the edge of their seats, eagerly leaking tracklists and monitoring the artist’s every move. True to its name, “Hardstone Psycho” delivers a bold and audacious sound.

With a more experimental and cinematic approach than ever before, Don Toliver is firmly establishing his place among heavyweights like Travis Scott (who appears twice on the album) and T-Pain. His innovative spirit shines in “Attitude” (featuring Charlie Wilson and Cash Cobain), as he delves into uncharted avant-garde territory. Each iteration refines his sound, proving that he can consistently craft hits while pushing musical boundaries.

Don Toliver’s fourth studio album continues to impress. This 16-track, binge-worthy project sets a great pace and generates significant hype. Fortnite even incorporated music and concepts from the album to create the “Hardstone” edition of the game, featuring two rival gangs battling for Psycho Valley. This collaboration resonated strongly with young listeners, a major part of Don Toliver’s audience. The album cover features the same sigil and bike motif as the Fortnite edition, with cold, dark tones that capture the essence of the project.

Take a listen below.

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