Sahtyre – The Roaring [Album Stream]

Sahtyre returns with the release of his new album, “The Roaring”.

Somewhere someone once said: “The universe remains undefeated.” You can’t predict the bobs and weaves of inspiration, nor the impact of globally-interconnected art. All you can do is let your heart flow as mightily as your skill set and watch the cosmos carry the rest. In that vein, the spirit of Sahtyre’s commanding release, The Roaring, feels heaven sent. Before the COVID-19; before the uprisings reshaping America, the Los Angeles-native conceptualized a project spotlighting all of the world’s ills in an emotionally gripping, yet hyper-tangible fashion. “Early this year, pre-pandemic, I noticed a parallel in the storylines of the American Roaring 20’s and the world I see around me today,” Sahtyre says. “Believing that time moves in a spiralic fashion, I delved deeper to understand the Spanish Flu Pandemic, Black Tuesday, Prohibition, and other poignant hallmarks of that time which have also manifested today. This is my life in the roaring 2020’s.”

The 15-track effort features Murs, Blu, JAG, Trizz, Lenka Shockley, Farid, and Justin Hunte. Production is provided by Chase Moore, Left Brain, Longevity and Cassidy Howell.

Press play below and pick up a copy on Bandcamp.

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