The Seshen – CYAN [Album Stream]

San Francisco-based collective The Seshen are officially back in action with their third full-length offering, “CYAN”.

The LP builds upon the progression that has been made since 2016’s ‘Flames and Figures’. It is a body of music that is as personal as it is political, as soft as it is strong and as joyful as it is angry. Anchored by Lalin St. Juste’s sly, silvery vocals and cerebral yet playful rhythms from producer-bassist Akiyoshi Ehara, The Seshen’s music pulls from a deep well of electronic influences, R&B, and indie rock. Led by exposed yet bold musical endeavours from Aki, the album sees The Seshen delve into uncharted eclectic realms; “I think that there’s a lot more rawness on this record,” Aki muses. Capturing the intensity required to accompany Aki’s musicality, Lalin’s words are an outpouring of emotion “I’m learning to be unapologetically black, unapologetically queer, unapologetically a woman. Unapologetically myself.” Beyond inspiring their audience, ‘CYAN’ offers a helping hand to guide people towards channelling this same energy.

Stream the 12-track outing below and head over to Bandcamp for a download.

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