CRIMEAPPLE – Viridi Panem [Album Stream]

CRIMEAPPLE is back with the release of his new album, “Viridi Panem”.

“It’s a conceptual piece about capitalism, greed and excess,” says the charismatic heavy-bearded New Jersey-based emcee, who adds that the album’s title translates from Latin into “Green Bread.” The dark and intoxicating world depicted on Viridi Panem is relayed by CRIMEAPPLE in captivating fashion. His intricate flows mix up vivid imagery with bursts of rapid-fire syllable spitting and splashes of Spanish slang that represent the MC’s Colombian heritage. CRIMEAPPLE’s graphic bars are matched by Buck Dudley’s beats, which conjure a shadowy, danger-fraught atmosphere through the use of eerie wavering synths, echo-enhanced snares and growling bass tones. Bringing a touch of hip-hop history to the project, on “Entenmann’s” and “Alium” CRIMEAPPLE interpolates vintage Bad Boy and Notorious B.I.G. lyrics, paying respect to a previous generation of paper chasers and letting the world know it’s always been about the Benjamins.

Stream the 8-track offering below and head over to Bandcamp for a download.

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