93PUNX – Camp America + 3 Years Sober (Live) [Video]

Vic Mensa and his band 93PUNX peform “Camp America” and “3 Years Sober” for Vevo.

Vic Mensa grew up skateboarding, loves him some Clash tunes, and has never been afraid to speak truth to power, But there were still a few people scratching their heads when the vaunted Chicago rapper debuted his punk-slanted collab with Good Charlotte’s Travis Barker a while ago. “93PUNX is about being yourself,” he says, “fuck what people think.” Pure Mensa, and rightly so. With fierce videos like “3 Years Sober” and “Camp America,” he’s reminding us that his protest skills are intense. Personal frustrations, political abominations – there’s lots to be pissed about in the world right now. 93PUNX addresses a chunk of it all quite convincingly in our exclusive performances of the above tracks. Crank these two all the way up.

Watch the footage below.

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