Elzhi On Out Da Box Talks [Audio]

Elzhi was the special guest on the latest episode of ‘Out Da Box Talks’.

In our latest Out Da Box Talks Episode, Host Cril builds with Detroit Michigan’s super lyricist “Elzhi” on a variety of intriguing topics including his inspiration to become an emcee, his experience being a member of the successful Detroit group “Slum Village”, working with J. Dilla and his writing approach as an emcee. During a point in the interview Elzhi reflects on his experience dealing with depression and how he was able to overcome the challenging period. Elzhi goes on to talk about his lyrical inspirations including which emcee’s have highly inspired his pen game, and collaborating with Producer “Khrysis” for the Jericho Jackson album. The interview gets in-depth about Elzhi’s talents as an emcee and his overall approach to writing music. Its definitely was one of the special interviews I was honored to do, as Elzhi is literally in my top 3 of favorite emcees today. If you’re a fan of Elzhi or just a fan of superior lyrical skills, I believe you’ll definitely like this interview. Enjoy!

The full interview with Elzhi is now available on anchor.fm, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Podcasts and more.

Listen to a snippet below and check out the full episode under that.

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